Distance Learning as a Crisis Response for Schools

Recent events are changing how we think about teaching. With safety in mind, more educational institutions are organizing homeschooling and part-time distance learning to keep up with the curriculum.

Teachers are under pressure to figure out which online learning tools work best and how to use them. Often, they cobble together a mix of online tools to create a virtual classroom — with mixed results. It doesn’t help that technology implementation can be quite daunting, as teachers need to learn new jargon like AI, SaaS, machine learning, etc.

Why not make the process easier with a platform that’s tailored for distance learning?

We designed a distance learning platform that you can implement in 1 day

NUADU is a ready-to-use tool for distance learning that allows you to respond quickly to crises and avoid disrupting the school year — even during an epidemic.

We offer a data-driven system for personalized education that will help your students reach their academic goals anytime, anywhere. All they have to do is download the complimentary mobile app, which informs them of new activities assigned and lets them study at their own pace using their smartphones.

NUADU distance learning platform dashboard


  • Assign activities and access interactive resources
  • Save time on grading and assessment; our platform does that automatically in real time
  • Provide individualized and instant feedback to students’ work
  • Track and monitor performance on an individual, group, and class level
  • Real-time technical support

Remote process:

  • Demo
  • Initial meetings
  • Agreement signing
  • User training and tutoring
  • Technical support


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